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Beautiful red oak contrasts with white walls and light-colored decorations

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How to keep plantation shutters in top condition
Planting blinds can add a true style to your home and proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime! Goodwood blinds are here to give you some tips on how you can make your blinds look good and function perfectly.
Weekly cleaning: Everyone knows that keeping dust on farm shutters is the key to keeping them looking trendy. First, cleaning once a week is enough to prevent dust, and more intensive dust removal once a month. Of course, there are some habits that can ruin the shutters you want to keep clean. That's why we say never use soapy water to clean your plantation shutters. Soapy water can damage shutter materials and reduce the life of imported wood. Instead, use a rag or slightly damp cloth to clean your plantation shutters.
Repairing paint shavings: Inevitable; anything starts to wear out over time. In the end, no matter how good the paint on your plantation shutters is, it will eventually crack and tear off. For minor repairs, you can use a foam or touch-up brush to smooth any type of scratch, further extending the life of your plantation shutters.
Keep the louvers fastened: If the screws holding the louvers start to loosen, making it difficult for the louvers to stay tight, you can adjust their tightening or tightness. To do this, open the shutter plate and use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the tension screws on both sides of the shutter plate.
From bare windows to beautiful flat shutters
You've seen contrast photos before and after marketing fitness products, and they usually make you look again because it's amazing to see such amazing changes. In the same way, one of our favorite things to do is take a front and rear photo of the plantation shutters project. We believe it's just amazing to see the transition from bare windows to beautiful plantation shutters!
Today, our team at goodwood Shutters wanted to highlight this past breakfast corner project, which was transformed by our craftsmen using their custom, hand-made plantation shutters!
In the picture provided, you can see (on the left) how this breakfast corner started as a boring, empty space at home. That place doesn't look very comfortable. Those who face away from the window will feel the heat hit them, while those who are opposite, no doubt, will squint because of too much sunlight.
Suddenly, when the plantation shutters were installed, the place looked more like a comfortable place, and people actually wanted to eat here. When the owner wants a brighter atmosphere, the shutters still allow plenty of sunlight into the space. Similarly, when they don't want light to come in, they can simply move the tilt lever to close the blinds, which prevents the flat blinds from letting light in.
Summer custom flat shutters
Having a swimming pool in your backyard is of course a good thing. By adding a swimming pool house to your property, you not only increase the value of your home, but you make it possible to entertain more guests or make your swimming pool Time is better. Part of the advantage of a pool house is that you can sit in the shade by the pool, but sometimes guests need more privacy, or you don't want to be too dazzling when the sun shines on your face. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for a pool house!
The Pool Villa is a great way to provide a comfortable dressing room, a nearby bathroom, and a place to relax. Imagine that when you have an appetite during swimming, you can rest in the pool house, with the blinds just open to see the outside, but not let the light blind your eyes. In addition, you can choose to sit at the table inside, have a snack, and watch the sparkling water in the pond. Maybe you just want to sit indoors and chat in the strong sunlight. In many ways, the plantation shutters make it possible to truly feel calm.
The planation shutters are not only fully functional, they can also turn ordinary pool houses into luxurious resorts.
At Goodwood Blinds, we have many hardwoods to choose from, and we make plantation blinds to fit each window. We have a lot of time to perfect small details for each.
If you want to buy some new plantation shutters this fall, you can consider buying some double-layered or split plantation shutters in the kitchen or bathroom. These versatile shutters can add some real features to your kitchen or bathroom. For your bathroom, you can just open the top shutters to let natural light from the sun in, and keep the bottom shutters closed to protect privacy. This can also be done in the kitchen to let natural light in and avoid glare from the sun. Plantation shutters are known for their ability to control the light that enters your room, giving them double plantation shutters to give you more control. Add to an already versatile add to your home. Because you can open these plantation shutters independently, it's also easier to clean with these shutters.
Double planted shutters can also help reduce your energy bill and let you control how much air gets in. Normally, you have to open the entire shutter to let any kind of light in, or open the shutter to let in airflow and heat. But with double blinds, you can open a part of the blinds to let only a little light into it, while keeping the amount of incoming air to a minimum. Reduce your energy bill and save your money.
Double plantation shutters help add a beautiful, cafe-style appeal to your kitchen, get a sturdy wood, and it will last for decades. Remember, every shutter you order from Goodwood guarantees a long life.
Plantation shutters change appearance
Many people now simply shrink the house to smaller living areas. In fact, some people have sold their house and chose to live in a motor home. If you're part of a minimalist movement and you decide to live in a RV, that doesn't mean the RV must be boring, right? Of course, you don't have to live in your RV to get dressed up. The plantation shutters will definitely change the look.
Whether you live in a motorhome full-time or just drive a motorhome during a camping trip, you can enjoy this space to the fullest. With exotic and elegant solid wood, plantation shutters have a way to make their living space feel more upscale.
As you can see in the picture provided above, the Goodwood shutters provide the owner of that particular RV with the perfect match between their plantation shutters and wooden trim, cabinets and drawers. Beautiful red oak contrasts with white walls and light-colored decorations. In addition, the RV feels more like a home with wooden shutters for increased touch.
Goodwood shutters are any custom plantation shutter project that you are willing to work on, you can come up with! We provide many custom shutter shapes, different types of wood, and we have dedicated staff to work closely with each customer from start to finish.